Eternal Boy shares new single “Clean Slate”
Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 19:36
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Pittsburgh’s pop punks Eternal Boy have released a new song & video entitled “Clean Slate,” the opening track from their forthcoming album Awkward Phase, due out on July 14th via Four Chord Music.
Eternal Boy is a product of the Drive-Thru Records era – the glory days of the pop-punk culture. After touring extensively under The SpacePimps, it was time for the band to rebrand by evolving the name in order to grow their audience. Awkward Phase is the highly-anticipated debut album under the new name, which features 12 heavy-hitting, nostalgia-filled tracks. It is an ode the ethos of the throwback pop-punk world, which was personified by friendship, heartache, and those countless awkward moments of growing up. The album was produced by the legendary Chris Badami - the man behind the boards for classics like The Early November's The Room's Too Cold, Hidden in Plain View's self-titled EP, The Starting Line's The Early Years album, and Dillinger Escape Plan's Under the Running Board.