Eternal Boy share new single "Growing Pains"
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 20:31
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Pittsburgh’s pop-punks ETERNAL BOY have shared a new single entitled “Growing Pains,” to be featured on their forthcoming LP Awkward Phase, due out on July 14th.
"'Growing Pains' was a popular TV show from the 80s that depicted transitionary periods in peoples' lives,” vocalist Rishi Bahl told Alternative Press on the band’s new single. “High school to college, college to work life, single life to married life, etc. These are super hard times in people's lives; we lose friends, significant others, and things simply change. This song is a 'fuck you' to those times in life."
“With super catchy vocals, shredding drums, and ripping guitars and bass; Eternal Boy is throwback pop/punk at its finest with their song 'Growing Pains,’” says producer Chris Badami. “This tune is one of my favorites on the record."