The Drowns release video for 'Ketamine & Cola'
The Drowns release video for 'Ketamine & Cola'
Saturday, February 17, 2024 - 09:13
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The new album from THE DROWNS called “Blacked Out” is finally here, and to celebrate the occasion, the band has released a brand new hilarious and riveting video for “Ketamine & Cola!”

Frontman Rev recalls how he came up with the concept for the video: “The main character wakes up upset and then just runs through the entire video. He’s trying to get somewhere quickly and ruining peoples day is along the way. The final destination is just getting to a bar for a beer. I told the concept to our friend Doug, who is a videographer, and then we ended up shooting the majority of it on the road on our last west coast tour.”

Fans of The Drowns have come to expect a few good laughs from their videos, but they truly may have outdone themselves with this one. From the ridiculous visual of the middle finger mask to the minor bouts of upsetting chaos the masked man causes throughout, you can tell the fellas had a blast making this one. And while at first glance the song may seem like an anthem of self-medication, Rev says it's actually about a much more positive outcome for the friend that inspired the song.

“I think at first listen, someone might assume it’s about recreational ketamine use. This song was actually inspired by a conversation I had with a very good friend of mine, who was able to be off of anti-depressants now for the first time in his adult life by successfully doing legal ketamine treatment. I was so blown away by his progress it inspired me to write the song,” says Rev.

As for the middle finger mask? Well…we’ll just let Rev explain that one too. “I was actually looking for a mask for Halloween a couple years ago and stumbled upon that. I saved the link to purchase it because I was like “oh, I’m definitely using this in the future for something.” It was just so hilarious that I couldn’t resist!”