The Dead Krazukies release new single 'Captain Crust'
The Dead Krazukies release new single 'Captain Crust'
Sunday, May 21, 2023 - 14:36
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The Dead Krazukies have released the new single "Captain Crust." The French punks show new nuances in their music with a heavy-hitting, mid-tempo song.

A singalong choir, mid-tempo almost hard rock beats are not what is very typical for the melodic-skate punk band The Dead Krazukies. Nevertheless "Captain Crust" is as heavy as can be, and such a powerful melodic track that will leave every listener impressed by the broad spectrum of the band's sound. In addition, the scratchy yet extremely powerful voice of singer Maider makes The Dead Krazukies kind of the Powermetal of Punkrock.