Single Mothers share 'Nihilist Headlights'
Single Mothers share 'Nihilist Headlights'
Sunday, November 24, 2019 - 00:11
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Single Mothers released their new single 'Nihilist Headlights'. The song is an older one, dating back to the sessions from the band's 2017 album Our Pleasure, but prior to today has never been shared by the band. As vocalist Drew Thomson explains below, the album was a creative peak for the band and, having been written and recorded around when Thomson first quit drinking, the songs from that period hold a special significance for Thomson and the band.

"I thought all the B-sides from ‘Our Pleasure’ were really good. Brandon, Justis, Ross and I worked so well together we ended up recording 17 songs in that session. I had it in my head I wanted a 10 song record so we had to cut some, looking back - probably didn’t have to. ‘Army Green’ and ‘Skylight’ went on a 7” that accompanied the album and I kind of forgot about the rest until I was digging through a hard drive and found a folder with the others. After pulling up ‘Nihilist Headlights’ it brought me right back to that time and how fun it was to be writing and recording music again with my friends. I’ve often said I think ‘Our Pleasure’ is our best record - but I think I mean more than that - it was the time and the excitement and change. I quit drinking during this record - started finding myself (however lame that sounds). I do think ‘Our Pleasure’ is our best record so far - but I also think that was the best era of the band as a whole - and all the songs, even the ones that are still just on that hard drive - I’m proud to have been apart of and will always be thankful to my friends for being there and helping me through that time. I’m glad we can share this song -  and move on once again"

The track is being released ahead of a North American tour with Single Mothers' Dine Alone label mates The Dirty Nil that begins in Single Mothers' hometown of London, Ontario on Wednesday, November 20th.