Crocodylus unveil haunting video clip for 'Ghosts'
Crocodylus unveil haunting video clip for 'Ghosts'
Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 07:36
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After finishing up their national tour supporting The Chats, Crocodylus are here to haunt in their latest video for energetic single 'Ghosts'.

Filmed outside Forster the clip finds drummer Mikel tending to his farm before discovering the haunting figures of bassist Steve and vocalist Josh who make it their quest to taunt him into insanity.
Grungy as hell, ‘Ghosts’ is everything fans have come to love about the well-toured trio – fuzzy guitars, manic vocals, searing riffs, stomping rhythms and time changes. One hundred percent energy, it sits neatly in their sweaty live show.