Crocodylus release 'My Love' video
Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 08:13
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Australia's Crocodylus are here to get your blood flowing with their new video for 'My Love'.

Starting off as a surf clip, it takes a turn to a limber lesson in beach aerobics. The concept comes from the well-toured band's on-road antics, bassist Josh elaborates "My nickname is Jooz and somehow during the Ruminaters tour we came up with “joozercise”. It’s good to break up long tour drives with some joozercise to lift the spirits. I don’t even know what jazzercise looks like but the name worked. Hoping it catches on so people start doing it at shows!"

'My Love', the reverb-soaked surf rock jam, is the first single from the band's upcoming debut album.