Crime In Stereo release new single 'Rogue Wave'
Crime In Stereo release new single 'Rogue Wave'
Wednesday, September 20, 2023 - 09:02
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Earlier this month Crime In Stereo announced their first new record in the 13 years, "House & Trance". The album is set for release on 27th October 2023 via Pure Noise Records. Following on from singles "Hypernormalisation" and "Books Cannot Be Killed By Fire", the band have released their third offering from the album, "Rogue Wave".

"Everyone enjoyed their time here. Idle afternoons, doused in coolant. Organized activities scheduled around coronal ejections. Juice boxes unlimited to members and two free with every guest day-pass. By now, most of the senators owned lucrative cement businesses, but many complained of the difficulty making new friends in adulthood. Bank holidays were especially tough on the interns, long weekends of splashing acid on the faces of their rivals’ constituents and filing detailed expense reports for the chemicals, which somehow they still would never get fully reimbursed for."

House & Trance feels like the natural next step for Crime In Stereo. It was entirely self-produced by the band (outside of it, both Romnes and Cioni are acclaimed and accomplished producers), and flows on so well from their past that it’s almost like the intervening decade and a bit hasn’t happened.