Drug Church release new album 'Hygiene' and share 'Tiresome' music video
Drug Church release new album 'Hygiene' and share 'Tiresome' music video
Saturday, March 12, 2022 - 10:16
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Drug Church have released their highly anticipated fourth full-length, "Hygiene". Out now via Pure Noise Records, the album is a bold leap forward for punk's most beloved agitators, proving exactly why Drug Church are one of the most singular bands in modern guitar music.

"Hygiene" is a testament to Drug Church's unique ability to make distinctly outsider music that’s also welcoming and instantly satisfying. The record leans into this seemingly contradictory path, managing to retain the tension between overt melody and visceral aggression that makes Drug Church so appealing, while also pushing into new sonic territory. To celebrate the release of "Hygiene", the band have shared their new music for "Tiresome" a triumphant blast of hooks and vitriol that shows why, despite their uncompromising nature, Drug Church is for everyone.