Converge release ‘Beautiful Ruin’ EP and share video for 'Melancholia'
Saturday, June 30, 2018 - 20:26
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Converge have released a new four song E.P. titled Beautiful Ruin. 

Recorded during The Dusk In Us sessions, this E.P. completes the release of all their recorded material from that time period.  Each song on Beautiful Ruin is a staccato burst of emotion from Converge at their most raw; viciously precise yet alluringly out of control.  
Beautiful Ruin was produced and mixed by Kurt Ballou at his renowned Godcity Studios in Salem, MA and follows Converge’s ninth full-length album, The Dusk In Us, which was released in November of 2017. 
Track listing:
1. Permanent Blue
2. Churches & Jails
3. Melancholia
4. Beautiful Ruin