Millencolin release 'Sour Days' music video
Millencolin release 'Sour Days' music video
Friday, April 19, 2019 - 09:37
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Ahead of their European tour next week, Millencolin have revealed a new video for 'Sour Days', a song taken from their recently released ninth studio album 'SOS'.
The video was directed by band’s long-time friend Kalle Haglund Brusewitz, who had the following to say about making of the video:
“The first time I heard the song and the lyrics I immediately started to think about the old myth about the dude who rolled a massive stone up a mountain. As soon as he was finished, the bastard stone rolled down on the other side and he had to start pushing it up all over again. I never really knew the whole story behind this Greek myth so I read up on it and realised it was basically an illustration of our own relation to the humdrum of everyday life. The story can be read in various ways depending on who reads it and what state of mind he or she is in.
My take on this mythological meme, the moral of this particular story is that, just like Sisyphus, we need to accept and salute whatever situation we’re in. If your skateboard is impossible to ride, then that is your path. You are not a skateboarder anymore and you probably never were. Instead, embrace the fact that you are on your way to become a successful white male long distance runner in your forties. Bless. The video was shot on an iPhone in order to capture proper day-to-day realism.”