Chastity Belt share video for new single 'I-90 Bridge'
Chastity Belt share video for new single 'I-90 Bridge'
Thursday, January 25, 2024 - 20:31
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Chastity Belt are tried-and-true legends of the Seattle scene. For more than a decade, the band has created scrappy, clever noise pop, frequently laced with homages to the Pacific Northwest. The act’s latest single, “I-90 Bridge,” presents reflective lyrics about growing older amidst local change rest atop a nostalgic, dreamy instrumental. The song is outwardly breezy, but underlined by pensive sincerity—quintessential Chastity Belt. It’s accompanied by a hazy video shot on drummer Gretchen Grimm’s camcorder, captured as they biked around Seattle at dusk.

On the new video, guitarist and vocalist Lydia Lund said "‘I-90 Bridge’ is the fictionalised account of real times in Seattle. When I wrote the chords and melody, the song felt like a classic chastity belt song which deserved classic chastity belt lyrics addressing growing pains and self reflection in Seattle. Gretch took an old camcorder out on her bike one recent winter evening to document the summer night ride referred to in the song - capturing flashing headlights and reflective waves."

“I-90 Bridge” arrives ahead of the album Live Laugh Love, which is out March 29, 2024 via Suicide Squeeze Records.