Call It Off release new single 'Watch The World'
Call It Off release new single 'Watch The World'
Monday, March 18, 2024 - 19:52
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Dutch pop punks Call It Off just released their brand new single "watch the world," an uptempo punkrock song dealing with the longing to get rid of negativity and leaving pain and sadness behind. About moving on. An emotion all too familiar for most humans.

The band explains; "Grief and pain have many different causes. From the death of a family member to the loss of your pet - it's an emotion everyone deals with at some point. Once that happens, the whole world seems to revolve about what has been lost and that comes with a lot of pain and anger. "I would rather just watch the world burn".

Eventually we'll hit that moment where you're done with these emotions and ready to move on and give it a place. "So done with the sad songs, I'm over the break-ups. I am ready to let go, then I might get over you".