Brakrock announced more names
Monday, November 14, 2016 - 14:01
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Our friends over at Brakrock haven't been sitting still!

Following the announcement that none other than 7 Seconds will be playing at next year's edition, they have since announced four more bands in the form of Pears, Chixdiggit, DOA and Unsure.


The next band that joins the Brakrock Ecofest bill is a rather young one: PEARS (Fat Wreck Chords). Since their birth – in 2014 – they torpedoed themselves into the punk scene with their kickass mix of sugar-sweet pop-punk and in-your-face hardcore. Last summer, the band toured its ass off to promote 'Green Star', their latest Fat Wreck release, and did two European tours (!) Since we just can't get enough of them, we decided to invite them to our punk rock party!


This year, Chixdiggit already exist 25 years and they are still shredding it! After two years they'll be back in Belgium – YES! At Brakrock 2017! - to put a broad smile on your face with their catchy and funny punk rock tunes. Did you already check out their latest release '2012'? In fact it has to be the longest punk rock song ever written, because 2012 plays out as one extended, nearly 25-minute cut. Go check it out, we're sure you'll diggit?!


The next band that will play Brakrock 2017 are Canadian punk legends D.O.A.! These punk veterans are kicking it since 1978 and are often considered as the founders of hardcore, along with bands as The Middle Class, Black Flag, Bad Brains and The Germs. These rebels always worn their politics on their sleeves and have their hearts in the right place. During their - almost - 40 years of existence, they played for many causes and benefits such as Rape Relief, anti-racism, rock for brains and anti-globalization. D.O.A.'s music may be called hardcore punk, but it's so much more: it has a dash of rock and roll, ska, metal and even reggae! We are ready for an eve of destruction. And you?


Ready for a real rad reunion announcement? we go...We are beyond stoked to welcome UNSURE to Brakrock Ecofest 2017 and celebrate the 20th birthday of their first full-length 'Buckle-Up'. These melodic skate punkers literally grew up in the former Lintfabriek – you know, the CBGB's of Europe - and will take you back to those good old days. So you better set your alarm at punk o' clock 'cause you don't want to miss out on this one, that's for SURE!


Date: August 5th 2017
Location: Ter Elstlei, Duffel (Belgium)
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