Belgium's F.O.D. release new single + video 'Living In A Mad Mad World'
Belgium's F.O.D. release new single + video 'Living In A Mad Mad World'
Thursday, February 22, 2024 - 21:04
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Belgium's F.O.D. have released the new single "Living In A Mad Mad World" off their upcoming 6th album 'The Once A Virgin Club,' out April 5th via SBÄM Records.

Since the release of their debut EP/CD 'DANCE TO THIS!' in 2011, F.O.D. has become a household name in the Belgian punk rock scene. The band built a steady live reputation with their catchy melodies, much in the vein of what legendary nineties predecessors have delivered us over the past few decades. Their first video, the instant pop-punk anthem 'Carry on' became a scene-classic.

2024 will see birth of F.O.D.’s sixth album “The Once A Virgin Club”, released on SBÄM Records. It will bring the band back to its roots with fast, catchy, melodic punkrock-songs filled with harmonies! With big plans on the horizon, the band is gearing up for an extensive European tour, inviting audiences to experience their raw and authentic sound once again.

13 years after their debut, F.O.D. has toured around the world, with highlights such as a touring Canada, Japan, Europe and supporting SUM41, Lagwagon, Satanic Surfers, No Fun At All and Frenzal Rhomb . F.O.D.'s steady rise brought them playing main stages at the major Punk rock festivals all over Europe.