Ann Beretta release 'The Real America (S.O.S)' ft Strike Anywhere's Thomas Barnett
Ann Beretta release 'The Real America (S.O.S)' ft Strike Anywhere's Thomas Barnett
Tuesday, February 8, 2022 - 19:38
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Ann Beretta recently announced the upcoming February 17th release of "RISE" and they are back with a new single today. The new single, "The Real America (S.O.S.)", features vocals by Thomas Barnett from Strike Anywhere.

Rob Huddleston from the band about the song "The Real America (S.O.S.)' is a song that I hope will inspire thought and conversation- even debate. At face value one could react feeling that the America we’ve all witnessed over the last several years is in fact the REAL America but the idea here is simply that the America we live in has not yet become what it originally set out to be - a land free of persecution and based on freedom and equality for all. We simply aren’t that, at least not yet, and that is what’s at the heart of the song."

The album was recorded in Richmond, VA at Audio Verité studios June 2021-Dec 2021 and was produced by singer/guitarist Rob Huddleston, engineered and mixed by the band's guitarist Pedro Aida, and mastered by long time friend and former Lookout! Records labelmate Mass Giorgini (Screeching Weasel, Common Rider, Squirtgun) at Sonic Iguana Studio in Lafayette, IN.

There is no label attached to this release - it is 100% self funded and DIY with the band taking full control of every aspect of making and releasing it. Lyrically “RISE” reflects on a range of social and political topics including the Trump presidency, the Covid pandemic, racism, addiction, and reflecting back on the band's history in the third single titled "The Last Song". Sonically the album is more complex and layered than past recordings but still with the anthemic hooks and energy that fans of the band have come to love and expect.

In other good news for longtime Ann Beretta fans, the band's full catalog is now available on streaming services, and includes the addition of two previously unreleased live albums "Live from the Broadberry (acoustic)" and "Live from CBGB's".