American Sharks announce "Bad News" and release new video
Thursday, November 3, 2016 - 19:06
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Austin, Texas three piece stoner/punk/dork band American Sharks are back in the studio recording their second full length album entitled Bad News. Bad News follows their critically-acclaimed, self-titled album American Sharks, released in 2013 via The End Records. To celebrate the occasion, the band just released the official music video for the album track, "White Witch,"

To record Bad News, the boys decided to use their well-earned riches to build themselves a state-of-the-art recording studio in Austin, TX. Having their own home studio has provided them the comfort and freedom to record at their own pace and stoned-ness. During this time they've also made multiple trips to the Grand Canyon in an effort to gain that perfect vocal "wobble" you hear in their heads when the nangs hit ya.

For the making of this album, American Sharks were loaned some amazing gear from Worshiper Cabinets, Earthquaker Pedals, Boss Tweed Backline, Orange Amps, plus a Verellen Amplifier, a Big Crunch One Knoband, and a couple of choice guitar heads from the vault of The Sword's Kyle Shutt.

Between finishing the record and trying weed for the first time (......?!), they have continued performing at major US festivals in advance of their upcoming album. American Sharks are very excited about this next release and feel that while it's not only just slightly different enough from the last album to warrant calling it something "new," it's also a whopping ten minutes longer. Yay.