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Of Misery And Toil
Young Livers – Of Misery And Toil
Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - 00:00
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My my, what a difference two years and a better production make! Not that the Young Livers debut “The New Drop” was a shit album! But if the two ever got in a brawl then “Of Misery And Toil” would definitely be kicking the other’s ass! And a lot of other album’s asses as well. Hypothetical asses of course.

Young Livers is a perfect fit on the No Idea roster with their gruff vocals and beards (I’m willing to bet that least one of them has a beard), they are also not that typical by including guitar licks that wouldn’t look out of place on a seventies rock album. Yet it’s the band’s intensity and urgency along with a couple of earshredding screams that firmly place them in the punkrock side of things. Ah yes, I need order in my universe or I get confused. The Young Livers not so much… they just like to fuck shit up and play loud music.