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A Wilhelm Scream – Partycrasher
Saturday, January 11, 2014 - 11:32
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A Wilhelm Scream has always been that punkrock band who managed to incorporate a lot of metal influences in their sound, pleasing both the punkrockers and the metalheads. Not an easy feat but these guys pulled it off on albums like “Ruiner” and “Career Suicide”. And the good news is that they haven’t changed a damn thing on “Partycrasher”, their first new full-length in six years. Well, that’s not entirely true…

The unpredictability and technical prowess is still very much there which becomes obvious as soon as opener “Boat Builders” and “The Last Laugh” burst out the speakers. Everything is dosed more this time around  though. The result is that they’ve never sounded tighter than on “Partycrasher” and while they still show off from time to time, they really placed the emphasis on the songs on the new album.

In short, exciting new stuff by a band that is still hugely underappreciated.