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Western Addiction - Tremulous
Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 16:29
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Remember that album “Cognicide”? The one that came out twelve years ago and blew your pants right off? Well, the band responsible for that sweet hardcore punk gem is finally back with a new album. Yay! And what’s even better is that on “Tremulous”, Western Addiction pick right up where they left off. Turns out that they are still equally pissed off. Something that … well, makes sense considering that there is quite a lot to be pissed off about if you are a sane person living in the US right now.


Western Addiction start things off with a couple of balls-out ragers, but manage to make every single song stand on its own two feet thanks to varying tempos and subtle tweaks to their sound. And then there are songs like “Honeycreeper”, which sounds exactly like what you’d expect a song with that name to sound like. “Righteous Lightning” winks at Good Riddance in the chorus and closing track “Your Life Is Precious” is a powerful tribute to their friend David Jones (frontman of Enemy You), who took his own life in 2015.


If hardcore punk that is as aggressive and unapologetic as it is melodic is your thing, do yourself a favor and check out “Tremulous”


Track listing:

  1. Clatter and Hiss         
  2. Family of Boys         
  3. Masscult, Vulgarians and Entitlement         
  4. Taedium         
  5. Ditch Riders         
  6. Honeycreeper         
  7. Righteous Lightning         
  8. Red Emeralds         
  9. Humming Bars of White Light         
  10. The Rockery         
  11. Your Life Is Precious
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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