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Out Of The Garden
Tancred – Out Of The Garden
Sunday, April 10, 2016 - 11:07
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With “Out Of The Garden”, Now, Now’s Jess Abbott has released her third album under the Tancred moniker. And it’s a doozy. Armed with grunge-y riffs, big hooks and bittersweet vocals, these eleven songs harken back to the days of Veruca Salt and Magnapop.

Abbott’s biggest strength is not just being able to write catchy, energetic songs, but juxtaposing them against lyrics that read like they were taken from her diary. It’s all about self-empowerment, getting dragged under but then finding the strength to fight back and you get the message served loud and clear on a platter of powerful riffs. Check out opening track “Bed Case”, “Pens” or “Hang Me”, the album’s most brooding track that has no trouble finding its way under your skin.