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Terminal Bedroom
Statues – Terminal Bedroom
Saturday, July 19, 2008 - 00:00
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Statues is a Canadian band that combines the best of powerpop and 70s British punk. On “Terminal Bedroom” you’re treated to a total of twelve songs that will make it hard for you to decide whether to start dancing or singing along. There’s always the possibility of doing both at the same time but I’m a guy and we can’t do two things at once.

“Terminal Bedroom” is a compilation of a couple of 7” the band put out over the years but I doubt you can tell the difference between this and one of the band’s regular full-lengths. It all sounds cohesive, catchy and fun and I can’t seem to get “No Time” out of my head. Plus they make GG Allin sound like The Buzzcocks with their version of “Dead Or Alive”. There’s pretty much no going wrong with this one!