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Beauty Fades
Smoke Or Fire Beauty Fades Punk Rock Theory
Monday, June 13, 2022 - 18:16
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Formed in the late 90s in Boston, Smoke Or Fire was a force to be reckoned with thanks to their particular brand of heartfelt emotional punk that was often compared to the likes of Avail and Hot Water Music. They released their debut EP ‘Worker’s Union’ on Iodine Recordings back in 2002 and then went with Fat Wreck for the remainder of their career.

The band has now joined forces with Iodine once again for the release of ‘Beauty Fades,’ the collection of Smoke Or Fire songs you didn’t know you were waiting for. Not only does this one feature completely remixed and remastered versions of all of the ‘Worker’s Union’ songs, it also comes stacked with seven more rare or unreleased tracks that span the band’s entire history, including the ‘Rises In The East’ EP which has never been released until now.

Successfully capturing the band’s youthful energy, the tracks on ‘Beauty Fades’ offer plenty of room to pump your fists in the air when you’re not too busy wiping away a tear from the corner of your eye when you don’t think anyone is looking. It’s really all the proof you need that Smoke Or Fire were the real thing.


Beauty Fades track list:

  1. Sunday Pints
  2. Beauty Fades
  3. 50 Cent Hearts
  4. Second Wind
  5. Running in Circles
  6. They All Go to California
  7. Modesty
  8. Nowhere to Go But Up
  9. Hand Me Downs
  10. Written to be Read
  11. Live On
  12. Someone Said We Flew
  13. Oxygen
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