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Slow Draw Pessimist Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, January 3, 2021 - 17:35
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Rather than roaring to life, the idea of Slow Draw gradually formed over the last couple of years when guitarist/vocalist Todd Allen realized he had a couple of songs on his hands that didn’t quite fit the mold of his other band, Squarecrow. You could already get a first taste of Slow Draw last July when the 4-way split with Sad Girlz Club, Lightweight and Allweather came out, but this 2-song single is the first release to feature the full line-up and as a result, the first release to really showcase what Slow Draw is capable of.

Opener ‘Pessimist’ had me hooked right off the bat with a slick guitar lead and a propulsive beat that slows down to a shuffle once Allen’s vocals come in. Dubbed gloomy alt-punk, this song definitely still has a punk feel to it but with additional alt-country and Americana influences that work wonders. Throw in a killer chorus that brings Spanish Love Songs to mind and you have got yourself a solid song. Next up is ‘Glorious’, which has more of a rockabilly thing going on along with another really strong chorus that is further enhanced by gorgeous backup vocals.

Nine minutes. Two songs. One hell of an introduction.


Track listing:

  1. Pessimist
  2. Glorious