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World Painted Blood
Slayer – World Painted Blood
Wednesday, November 4, 2009 - 00:00
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When Dave Lombardo returned to the fold for 2006’s “Christ Illusion”, many thought it would be the Slayer album they had been waiting for for a long, long time. But it wasn’t. The fans had to wait three more years to finally get to hear a real return to form. Because yes, “World Painted Blood” is Slayer like they used to sound back in the day. Araya sounds like a rabid dog, Lombardo is beating the shit out of his drum kit even nearing lightspeed on “Public Display Of Dismemberment” and over it all Hanneman and King are shredding like the maniacs they are. It’s not at all what you’d expect from the 40-somethings they are but cuts like the title track, “Beauty Through Order” and “Americon” show that these guys can still blow bands half their age away. Oh, and fuck Metallica and their weakass attempts at thrashing! Slayer is here to show everyone how it’s done. If the rumors about them calling it a day are true, then at least they are going out with one hell of a bang.