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The Sheepdogs
Friday, May 31, 2013 - 18:00
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The Sheepdogs are a couple of bearded Saskatchewan rockers who released their first three albums in relative obscurity. This changed however when they won Rolling Stone’s ‘Choose the cover’ contest last year. It earned them a major label deal and with the help of The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, they just released this self-titled album.

Picture yourself cruising down the highway with the radio dial fixed on a classic rock station… these guys have got it all going on. Bluesy tunes (“Ewan’s Blues”), garage-y rockers (“Feeling Good”) and Allman Brothers echoes (“Javelina”), it’s all here. Some things are taken right from the Black Keys playbook (“The Way It Is”) but that doesn’t make it less fun. Quite the opposite actually. These guys are as stuck in the seventies as their bell-bottoms are wide and it helped them write one of the best feelgood albums I’ve heard in a long time.