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Sainthood Reps Headswell
Monday, November 4, 2013 - 20:35
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Sainthood Reps was co-founded by Brand New’s touring guitarist Derrick Sherman and it’s hard not to pick up on that band’s influence in songs like “Desert Song” and… well, the rest of the album. Oh, and the Seattle scene just called… they want their sound back. Personally, I think Sainthood Reps should keep it though because it suits Francesco Montesanto’s moody vocals perfectly. The guy’s name might be more suited for an Italian crooner but he has the angsty delivery down pat.

These guys continue to swing their way through brooding build-ups and loud, cathartic eruptions before trying their hand at something a little lighter (“Quitter”) and even an acoustic song (“Breath Worth Breathing”). While these songs are not bad at all, I prefer the harsher, noisier tunes. Luckily Sainthood Reps cover that with the other 80% of “Headswell”.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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