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Television Of Saints
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 - 00:00
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“Television Of Saints” marks the end of Rocky Votolato’s collaboration with Barsuk. Instead he opted to go with the hip new way to release an album and rustled funds from his fans on Kickstarter for his first release since 2006’s “Marker”.

The spirit of Elliott Smith is strong on this one but the songs come with an additional rootsy touch that shows there’s still some Texas blood running through Votolato’s veins. I really like the guy’s voice, which is backed up mostly by just an acoustic guitar and some very sparse arrangements. I don’t know whether it was the intention to deliver a spartan album or if it was forced on due to lack of more funds, but the songs that come with richer arrangements (“Fool’s Gold”, “Sunlight”) are by far my favorites on here and kinda make me wonder how much better still “Television Of Saints” could have been if all the songs were given the band treatment.