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Whales And Leeches
red fang whales and leeches
Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 22:03
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Imagine an advanced class called ‘Stoner Rock’ where Torche are the melodic ones, Baroness the ones that think in concepts and where the Queens out-sexy everyone. In that class, Red Fang would be the loud, obnoxious kid that doesn’t stop asking questions and never shuts his mouth. Ever since “Murder The Mountains” these guys have been an unstoppable force who have toured their asses off. Somewhere in between they somehow found the time to crank out a follow-up to their breakthough album, which is out now.

“Whales And Leeches” (named after a song on the band’s self-titled debut) roars loud with opener “DOEN” and then keeps things in high gear with the Paw-like “No Hope”. More road rage-inspiring riffs can be found in “1516” en “Crows In Swine”, two songs in which you can hear Mastodon’s influence shining through. On the other side of Red Fang’s spectrum we find “Dawn Rising”, a 7-minute long stoner track that nicely encapsulates everything these guys stand for.

Riff-heavy, fierce and damn good songs… that’s what you get on “Whales And Leeches”, Red Fang’s third winner in a row.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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