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Tuesday, August 1, 2017 - 13:22
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In the mood for some punkrock from down under and already wore out your copy of Frenzal Rhomb’s latest album? Check out Sydney’s The Phosphorus Bombs who just released their debut album, “Cancers”. In their own words… not a tribute to the condition that makes your hair fall out and rots out your arsehole, but a meditation on the toxic influences that each of us battle to excise from our lives. And well, these slabs of furious punk rock will go a long way of drowning out all the crap around you.


Cuts like opening track “Hitchhiker”, “All Punks Welcome” and “” all come with fast-as-fuck drums, plenty of Strung Out-like shredding and pissed off yet melodic vocals. Think Descendents meets Good Riddance meets the abovementioned bands. Yes, the spirit of 90ies punkrock is strong in this one… always a good thing. And they do so while keeping your arsehole intact so that’s cool too.


Track listing:

  1. Hitchhiker
  2. We Remain
  3. Lethe
  4. All Punks Welcome
  5. Piss-Stained Cuff
  6. Only Once
  7. Cancers
  8. For a Song
  9. Chromo-Clocking
  10. Tommy Has a Plan (That's a Compliment)
  11. ...And Left
  12. Apples & Trees