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Nero Di Marte
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 16:56
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On their self-titled album, Italian metal outfit Nero Di Marte incorporate a lot of technical and progressive parts in their sound. Unfortunately I don’t like technical and progressive parts so Nero Di Marte and myself were off to a bad start.

Turns out these guys like Gojira and Mastodon, delivering a groovy album that’s as heavy as it is atmospheric.  Hell, they even have a bit of melody floating around in some parts. The only negative I could find are the hyperkinetic drums with cymbals splashing all over the place in seemingly completely random fashion. Once you start focusing on that, it’s hard to hear any of the good stuff and it left me feeling ambivalent about this album. There’s plenty of good stuff on here that will definitely place these guys on the map but they need to reel in their drummer because he annoyed the shit out of me!