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Quitters Never Win (Remastered)
Much The Same Quitters Never Win (Remastered) Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, July 2, 2020 - 19:28
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Last year Much The Same released ‘Everything Is Fine,’ their first new album in 13 years. If you haven’t heard that one yet, do yourself a favor and pick it up right now. It’s one of the best new releases in the category ‘90’s melodic punk rock albums that did not actually come out in the 90’s’ in quite some time.

Based on the positive reactions to both the new album and the vinyl pressing of their sophomore release ‘Survive,’ the band is now back with ‘Quitters Never Win’, a completely remixed and remastered version of their debut album, courtesy of Mark Michalik (The Swellers, We Are The Union, Counterpunch, Fireworks).

Vocalist/guitarist Chris McGrath about the re-release: “It’s strange to think that we wrote some of these songs when we were teenagers. I’m still really proud of many of them, especially for how inexperienced we were at the time”.

And he’s right to still be proud of this album 17 years after its initial release. If you’re into melodic shredding, passionate vocals and a sound that has holed up somewhere between No Use and Millencolin, then you will find there is plenty for you to like here. It’s not quite up there with the band’s other albums, which is not so much a diss to ‘Quitters Never Win’ as it is a compliment to the band’s growing songwriting chops.


Track listing:

  1. Wish
  2. Conclusion
  3. New Years
  4. Liar
  5. Masquerade
  6. Hits Home
  7. Quitters Never Win
  8. One Of A Kind
  9. Miss The Pain
  10. Someday Not Soon
  11. Still Falling?
  12. Father & Son
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Tom Dumarey

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