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MOD - Red, White And Screwed
MOD - Red, White And Screwed
Friday, February 8, 2008 - 12:00
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Ever since he shocked people with his lyrics when the first SOD album came out, Billy Milano has made a career out of writing provocative lyrics for his band MOD (Method Of Destruction). That's no different on "Red, White And Screwed", the band's first album in four years. Whether he's talking about illegal immigrants ("Jose Can You See") or dissing Ricktalife ("Hardcore Harry") or ripping off from Metallica and King Diamond ("Greatest Lie Ever Told"), he's always kicking against somebody's shins. But he does with a healthy amount of humor which is why he gets away with it. All this is done in his traditional NYHC meets crossover style making "Red, White And Screwed" an album that will please all the fans and give his opponents some extra reasons to hate his guts.