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Say It Out Loud
The Interrupters - Say It Out Loud
Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 15:49
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Following up on 2014’s self-titled debut, which caused an increase in the sales of white shirts and black ties wherever they played, The Interrupters are back with their new album, “Say It Out Loud”. Produced once again by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, these fourteen songs will have you skanking and moshing in equal measure and are guaranteed to turn every social event in a raucous party. Except maybe a Trump rally. Then again, those aren’t very social.


But I’m getting off course here… you have probably already heard opening track and first single “By My Side”, a rebel-rousing tribute to outcast solidarity (check “Loyal” as well for more of that). From there on, the band keeps the momentum going with ska-flavored punk rock tune after punk-flavored ska tune. “She Got Arrested”, “Babylon” and “On A Turntable” are all great examples of The Interrupters doing it right.


Not every song on “Say It Out Loud” makes an equally big impression though. Cuts like “The Prosecutor” and “The Valley” are okay enough, but don’t hold up against a rager like “Control” and the moody, horns-and-Tim-Armstrong-enhanced “Phantom City”. One thing all the songs have in common is an undeniable sense of fun, even when vocalist Aimee Allen addresses serious subjects like domestic violence in that raw, kinda slurring yet melodic way that she does so well.


Meanwhile the Bivona brothers (Kevin, Justin and Jesse) back her up in the best of ways by playing über-tight and giving her plenty of space to shine, making clear that when it comes it comes to The Interrupters, it really is all about loyalty, family and unity. With upstrokes.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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