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Black Wave Rising!
I Walk The Line – Black Wave Rising!
Monday, May 12, 2008 - 00:00
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On their third album, the Finnish dudes that make up I Walk The Line did a pretty great job. “Black Wave Rising” is an entertaining album that is jam-packed with catchy melodies from start to finish. Not a single song on here will let you down! And even though song titles like “Demonic Verses” and “Monster” might led you to believe otherwise, this is simply a feelgood album. They might rip off Nirvana on the beginning of “Paradise” but most of all this album shows I Walk The Line are a sureshot for winning the award for Finland’s biggest fans of Against Me’s latest album. That means there’s lots of new wave influences! Hell, they even cover Berlin’s hit “The Metro”! Their English might not be the best out there but the abundant use of keyboards and overall catchiness more than makes up for that.