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¡Muerto, Carcel, O Rocanrol!
Huntingtons ¡Muerto, Carcel, O Rocanrol! Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, February 27, 2020 - 13:56
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On their first new album in 17 (!) years and 15 years after their ‘final show’, Huntingtons pull out all the stops and have come up with an engaging mix of everything from mumble rap and grime to techno with just a bit of punk rock.

Just kidding.

I mean, it’s the Huntingtons we’re talking about here. So instead of picking death (Muerto) or jail (Carcel), these Baltimore natives went with what they know best: Rocanrol. Or as they call it, Ramonescore.

Well, that’s actually not entirely fair. Cuts like ‘Too Old To Care’, ‘The Innocent’ and 'Things Are Gonna Get Better' may be pure-bred Ramonescore tunes, but songs like ‘The Slammer’ (complete with a nudge to Iron Maiden) see these guys occasionally branching out to a more punk ‘n roll sound that’s as dirty as the floors of most basements these guys have played shows in somewhere in the past 25 years. Whichever route they choose to barrel down, they pull it off with remarkable ease.


Track listing:

  1. Too Old To Care
  2. I Am The Liquor    
  3. The Slammer    
  4. Innocent    
  5. Dead Wrong    
  6. Not Penny's Boat    
  7. Thank God For The Bomb    
  8. Things Are Gonna Get Better    
  9. You Don't Have To Go    
  10. Say Hi To Your Mom For Me    
  11. Bottom Of The Bottle    
  12. Be With You    
  13. Liar    
  14. I Don't Wanna Die Alone


Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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