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Simple Science
The Get Up Kids – Simple Science
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 00:00
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There’s plenty of bands out there who break up or go on a hiatus, then get back together, squeeze out a shitty release and go on tour to cash the cow even more. Not so with The Get Up Kids who reunited in 2008, played several shows and secretly recorded a bunch of new songs. Rather than releasing a single full-length, these guys opted instead to release 3 EPs throughout 2010. “Simple Science” is the first of those EPs and thus makes it the band’s first new material since 2004’s “Guilt Show”. If this EP proves two things then it’s that The Get Up Kids still have what it takes and - even more so -that they are most definitely not a one trick pony. Opener “Your Petty Pretty Things” may still sound like it belongs on “Something To Write Home About”, “Keith Case” shows an entirely different side with a groove that Fugazi owned back in the day. And then there’s the six minutes long closer “How You’re Bound”, which sees The Get Up Kids fooling around with electronics and a mellow pace. It makes us look forward even more to the other EPs.