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DZ Deathrays - Bloodstreams
Monday, July 9, 2012 - 00:00
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Thrash pop is how this Aussie duo describe their Music and listening to “Bloodstreams”, it makes sense. After the intro has snuck its way into your bloodstream, “Teenage Kickstarts” rushes in to quicken your pulse with its grunge-y riff before the deceivingly simple “Cops Capacity” shifts the party atmosphere in higher gear.

DZ Deathrays (cool name by the way) sounds as dirty as any garage band and knows how to throw it down Death From Above 1979-style. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a weekend full of debauchery, alcohol fumes and a club full of sweaty people having a good time, albeit one with the constantly looming threat of fights breaking out at a moment’s notice.

“Bloodstreams” is by no means an innovative album but it is a guarantee for a good time and I’m sure you’ll get the chance to catch these guys at a festival near you soon where they will get the party started.