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Garrett Klahn
Garrett Klahn – Garrett Klahn
Monday, January 25, 2016 - 19:48
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You might remember Garrett Klahn from a little band called Texas Is The Reason. Or from New Rising Songs, Atlantic/Pacific, Felled Trees or the hugely underrated Solea. These days though, he’s going at it alone and he just released his first solo album ever a couple of days ago via Rise Records.

The songs that make up this eponymous release are light years away from the post-hardcore of Texas Is The Reason. Which makes sense… that was two decades ago. Instead you get ten songs’ worth of smoldering tunes that occasionally erupt with warm guitar lines and introspective lyrics. There’s some Americana, a couple of poppy hooks, some alt-country leanings… a little bit of everything for everyone if you will. And of course, Klahn’s vocals and beautiful melodies. Think Ryan Adams and Rocky Votolato if you will.

There’s a lot to like… the gorgeous “Ravenna”, the gently rocking “Silver Wings”, the film noir-y atmosphere of “Autovia Blues”. Hell, pretty much every single song on here has something to offer. I’ve read somewhere that Klahn has been working on and off on these songs for years. And that’s pretty much my only qualm with this album… it doesn’t sound as cohesive as I’d like it to. Other than that though, pretty damn decent!