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Foxgrave x Dasterds Split Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, June 21, 2020 - 10:40
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Smog Moon Recordings recently released a fun split between two of Lansing, MI’s finest, Foxgrave and Dasterds, with each band contributing two songs.

First up are the Megadeth-worshipping nerds known as Foxgrave. They play the kind of punk rock that is melodic and kinda raw with some 90’s alternative influences shining through. And whether they pour their heart into a short 2-minute blast like ‘Method Actor’ or go all out on the four-minute long ‘Displacement,’ they have no problem keeping your ears glued to the speakers.

Even though both bands don’t really sound all that much alike, all of the above can be said about Dasterds as well. They both have the same kind of looseness ingrained in their sound, which makes this split fly by with Dasterds working even more Dinosaur Jr and a bit of Weezer into their sound.


Track listing:

  1. Foxgrave - Method Actor    
  2. Foxgrave - Displacement    
  3. Dasterds - Stump    
  4. Dasterds - Getting By