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In The Blink Of An Eye
Fact – In The Blink Of An Eye
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 00:00
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Following up their successful self-titled debut, the Japanese dudes that make up Fact are back for another round. My first impression after having heard the entire album is that it’s a little less diverse than its predecessor. Sure, they still mix up pop, rock, metal, punk and everything in between but it all sounds a little more streamlined and slicker than the first time around. Maybe that’s the influence of producer Michael Baskette (Incubus, Story Of The Year), maybe it’s simply the sound of a band evolving.

Everything’s packaged in nice songs that don’t outstay their welcome but rather flash by… wait for it… in the blink of an eye. “Silent Night” is a good example of the band throwing everything they’ve got into the blender, starting out with screams and a meaty riff before shifting into a poppier sound only to then morph into a hefty dose of deathcore.

Fact is a very versatile band with a busy sound and while they are probably aiming more for a teenage audience rather than a 30-year-old sarcastic prick, there’s no denying that they’re very good at what they do.