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Expert Timing Glare Punk Rock Theory
Friday, November 2, 2018 - 11:31
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- by Tom Dumarey

Some couples take dance or cooking classes together, others – like Jeff and Katrina Snyder – start a band. Along with drummer Gibran Colbert, they are Expert Timing and have just released their debut LP, ‘Glare’.

The album comes with 11 songs of the indie punk variety and as soon as ‘Don’t Look Back’ kicks in, they will win you over with riffs that go from punchy to melodic, solid, upbeat rhythms and Katrina’s sprightly vocals and heart-on-sleeve type lyrics which capture the album’s overarching theme in the chorus: ‘watching, waiting, feelings pass, haunting, hopeful, don’t look back’. Next up is ‘Classic Case Of Narcissism,’ which follows a similar blueprint but finds Jeff taking over vocal duties.

From there on, the two keep trading off vocals or join forces like in the beautiful ‘Sever Your Ties’. Even more album highlights can be found in the form of the melodic yet jangly single ‘Never See Me Again’, ‘Alone’ and the gentle title track that rings out this honest and warm album.


Track listing:

  1. Don't Look Back    
  2. Classic Case of Narcissism    
  3. Disastrous    
  4. Never See Me Again    
  5. Smother    
  6. Alone    
  7. Sever Your Ties    
  8. Cement    
  9. I Just Might Surprise You    
  10. Littlest Amount    
  11. Glare