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White Rabbit
Thursday, December 29, 2011 - 18:22
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Next to the American bands that come over to Europe and that everybody knows or who at least have somewhat of a following, there are plenty of other bands that never make it over here and that no one in Europe has ever heard of. In the case of Egypt Central it becomes obvious that that is not necessarily a bad thing. By the way, raise your hands if you think this could very well be one of the worst bands names. Ever. “White Rabbit” is apparently already the band’s second album and it’s filled with the kind of modern rock/metal that got big in the early naughties thanks to labels such as Wind-Up Records and bands such as Sevendust or Puddle Of Mudd. They’re not doing a bad job of imitating those bands who – let’s face it – weren’t exactly great to begin with. There’s a metallic sheen to all of the songs which come with big choruses that are easy to remember. But nowhere do these Memphis natives show a face of their own. Paint-by-numbers nu metal… yeah, I got over that a long, long time ago.