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Old Pride, New Glory
Discipline – Old Pride, New Glory
Saturday, July 19, 2008 - 00:00
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The Dutch streetpunk juggernaut known as Discipline wanted to record some covers and ended up with a whopping 30-song release. Twelve of the covers are newly recorded, the others could already be found on various releases but have been thrown together here on one disc as bonus tracks and include songs by Cock Sparrer, Slapshot, Rose Tattoo and Social D.
As for the new ones, the hooligans that make up Discipline show they listen to more than just streetpunk by recording their interpretation of Twisted Sister, Ramones, Slade and Billy Idol songs. With a result that honestly sometimes doesn’t sound too different from the originals after having been Disciplined. They do a pretty good job though of making it all sound very energetic, I’ll hand ‘em that much. I just wish they would’ve been a little more original in picking the songs. Covering “Rebel Yell” and “We’re Not Gonna Take It” is not exactly a novel idea that is going to earn you a lot of points from the cool police.

Overall, this is a fun release to tie things over between two studio albums but I think people are more interested in hearing new Discipline songs rather than hearing yet another band play “I Wanna Live” in a way the Ramones already played it back when they recorded it.