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Death Is My Only Friend
Death By Stereo – Death Is My Only Friend
Wednesday, November 4, 2009 - 00:00
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I honestly haven’t heard much from Death By Stereo ever since they left Epitaph. I know they released a live album a while back but other than that it’s been awfully quiet around these dudes… until now. “Death Is My Only Friend” is the name of their new album, their first for I Scream Records and as far as I know their first in quite some years.

I was hoping that this album was a return to form for these guys because let’s face it, their last album wasn’t that amazing. It pains me to say because I always liked these guys… they knew how to shred and were able to couple it to a great sense of melody. And with Efrem Schulz they have a vocalist who can switch seamlessly between screaming and singing. Unfortunately “Death Is My Only Friend” sees them losing their way even more and ends up being a very weak carbon copy of what once made them such a great band. Death is my only friend indeed…