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Death Lottery LP I Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - 17:52
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- by Tom Dumarey

Following 2017’s ‘EP I’ and 2018’s ‘EP II’, Florida’s Death Lottery have now released their debut full-length. And guess what? It’s called ‘LP I’. Yeah, they aren’t about complicating things when it comes to names for their releases. And the same goes for their music.

As long as it checks a couple of boxes, I'm sure it’s all good for Death Lottery. Does it rock hard? Check. Is it loud? Check. Is it fun? Check. Does it sound like it could at any instant derail in utter chaos? Double check.

‘LP I’ comes at you with 13 fuzzed out songs of the garage-y hardcore punk variety with wildly buzzing guitars, big dollops of reckless abandon and a serious attitude problem. Take all that and then top it off with surf-y riffs, blazing solos and lyrics that deal with everything from bad drivers to Home Improvement. Think Fucked Up minus the arty stuff with some Hot Snakes thrown in for good measure. If there’s anything not to love about ‘LP I’, then I haven’t found it yet.