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White Silence
Cave In – White Silence
Friday, July 8, 2011 - 00:00
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Six years after the release of “Perfect Pitch Black”, Cave In strikes back with “White Silence”. And they strike back hard, with opener “White Silence” and “Serpents” immediately setting out to rip you a new asshole. Next up is the 8-minute long slow burner that is “Sing My Loves”. And from there on this album can always go both ways… either these guys are relentless and threatening or somewhat soothing. Much like a delusional madman cradling a baby. They unleash hell in “Vicious Circles” and even forge off into Converge territory with “Centered” before slowing down towards the end of the album with the partially acoustic “Reanimation”. Cave In has always been a pretty eclectic bunch… just hold the scathing “Until Your Heart Stops”, the space-rocking “Jupiter” and the radio-friendly “Antenna” next to each other and you’ll see what I mean. And I’m not even talking about the countless side-projects here. What I’m getting to here… because there is a point hidden in this rambling… when Cave In gets together you never really know what to expect. However, “White Silence” kinda binds it all together nicely. It’s a little something of all the band’s different faces stitched together by a decent plastic surgeon. It may take some time before you get in, but the courting is worth it in the end!