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Caravels / Octaves split
Caravels / Octaves split
Tuesday, January 20, 2015 - 20:47
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Despite hailing from opposite sides of the country, the guys in Baltimore’s Octaves and Las Vegas’ Caravels became friends over crashing guitars and beer. They are now on tour together in Europe and to celebrate the occasion, the two of them teamed up for this split boasting two new songs by each band and which is being co-released by Bridge Nine and Topshelf.

Caravels is up first with “Moody Miles” and “Slick Rick”, two tracks that boast the same kind of brooding atmosphere and effect-laden outbursts that made 2013’s “Lacuna” a pleasure to listen to. They simply keep on doing what they are really good at. Nuff said.

The two songs by Octaves (“Tom Petty Cash” and “Air Traffic Control”) are the band’s first new tracks since the release of 2013’s “Which Way The Wind Blows” and what doozies they are! “Tom Petty Cash” starts off with what sounds like a demented waltz before taking a blunt riff through some spastic twists and turns. “Air Traffic Control” is equally abrasive with a saxophone ripping up the whole joint about halfway through.

In short, both bands deliver the goods on this split and left me wanting more!

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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