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Bridge And Tunnel – East/West
Sunday, November 2, 2008 - 00:00
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Bridge And Tunnel is a term that all of the commuters in New York know all too well but I doubt they all know the band that goes by the same name. Which is a shame because with “East/West”, Bridge And Tunnel have released an album that is damn impressive. These two dudes and two girls like to mix up the vocals with Jeff Cunningham and Rachel Rubino trading places at the mic and bassist Tia Meilinger chiming in every now and then. Only drummer Pat Schramm couldn’t be bothered because he’s too busy pounding away behind his kit. Not only do they feed off of each other vocally, the guitars and bass have a nice way of coming together and then drifting apart again as well. I’d like to assure everyone now that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a band that sounds like a crossover between Braid and Hot Water Music…. check out “East/West”! I doubt you’ll regret it if you like the Midwestern sounds of the nineties.