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Welcome To Discovery Park
Saturday, February 16, 2013 - 15:07
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Originally released in 2003, “Welcome To Discovery Park” now gets the re-release treatment through Razor & Tie. Brad is definitely one of the most interesting side projects of the nineties and marks the collaboration between Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard and Satchel’s Shawn Smith. They scored two modest hits with the funky “20th Century” and the ballad that is “The Day Brings” yet mostly remained just what they started out as… a side project.

Throughout the album you’ll hear folky songs, seventies rock and poppy songs that come with some unexpected sharp edges. The band’s biggest asset has to be Smith’s voice which is as versatile as a yoga teacher. Add Gossard’s guitarwork to the mix and you have yourself a fine album that’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon.